We offer a separate Dallas listing for individuals who have criminal backgrounds. Keep in mind that most apartments work case by case in these situations. Background must be non-violent and non-sexual.

There is a ONE-TIME fee to access our DALLAS Misdemeanor/Felonies apartment listings.

Be sure you meet the minimum requirements prior to purchase.

(Check your credit report & score for FREE optional)

Criminal Background Challenges?

Most Misdemeanors need to be 2 - 7 years old

Most Felonies need to be 5 - 10 years old

Approval will be at the discretion of the individual property manager if you have more than one eviction on your record. 

**Locations will be limited for individuals with criminal backgrounds. Please be willing to be flexible with location.**

How to Qualify

Verifiable Income
Earn 3x Rent

Criminal Background

We do not specialize in criminal background checks. To find out what communities search for contact them directly. It will increase your chances of getting approved if you do not have multiple issues.

Verifiable Income

Acceptable income


Self Employed

Social Security


Earn 3x Rent

must earn 3 times the monthly rent or 2.5 at some locations.



Second Chance Places

PO BOX 5473 

Mckinney TX 75070

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